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Plantar Fasciitis 16-Week Plan

When there is a problem with your feet, everything goes down.

Plantar fasciopathy (AKA Plantar Fasciitis) is a pain in the heel to the arch of your foot and can be debilitating.

This 16-week course has been tried and tested to help people with plantar fasciopathy.

The process starts with pain reduction exercises and progresses to strengthening and plyometric training to prepare you for returning to your sport.

If you're not training for a sport, you can finally stop worrying about doing activities and how your foot will feel afterwards.

$USD 59

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Howitzer Hamstrings 12-Week Plan

Despite the increased knowledge in sports performance, hamstring injuries are still rising across multiple sports, leaving athletes out of the selection for game time on an average of twelve weeks.

Twelve weeks without training, competing, and dominating.

Also, when athletes return from hamstring injuries, re-injury will likely go through the roof due to inadequate rehabilitation.

So let us help you prevent this in the first place

CJ Performance Healthcare has helped elite athletes from sports, including football (soccer), mixed martial arts, and rugby, return to sport following a hamstring injury and DOMINATE upon their return.

Moreover, there is no point in having hamstrings that don't perform as well as they could. Hamstrings are essential for knee control, forward propulsion, deceleration; the list goes on.

This programme is designed to help those with a hamstring injury (or without confidence in theirs) build STRONGPOWERFUL, and RESILIENT hamstrings alongside their everyday sports practice or gym routine.

$USD 60

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Transform your body and achieve your dream beach body with RipRoad - the ultimate online training program for men and women! Our personalised fitness plans target critical muscle groups, enhance endurance, and amplify strength for a holistic fitness approach tailored to your fitness level, goals, and preferences.

Unlike generic routines, RipRoad's engaging and practical sessions are designed to adapt to your personal needs. We also provide expert nutritional guidance to complement our workouts, ensuring you get the desired results.

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RipRoad is not just a fitness program; it's a proven path to success—experts and success stories back our program, which has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals.

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