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Offering Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Massage, and personal health and fitness coaching

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CJ Performance Healthcare is here with a mission: to provide you with the best treatments & tools to get you better quicker.

We take pride in providing a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach, offering personalised services to help you recover. Our primary methods of treatment include injury exercise rehabilitation and sports massage, and we also offer additional services in personal health and fitness coaching.

What do we provide?

Injury Rehabilitation

Embark on a transformative journey to optimal health with our Physical Rehabilitation sessions. Our Physical Rehabilitation sessions dig deep into the root causes of pain, injuries, or mobility issues.

Our experienced clinicians utilise our proven framework to work with your precise diagnoses and craft clear rehabilitation roadmaps and sessions.

Trust our experts to create a personalised treatment plan, guiding you toward lasting well-being. Take the first step to a healthier, more active life with our dedicated sessions, tailored to restore physical vitality and reclaim an active, pain-free lifestyle.

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Sports Massage

Discover the transformative benefits of sports massage for optimal well-being. Our specialised sports massage sessions are not just about relaxation; they are a targeted and effective treatment option for individuals seeking relief from pain, tightness, injuries or just for relaxation.

Whether you're an athlete aiming for peak performance or seeking relief from everyday aches, our Liverpool sports massage is a holistic wellness approach that ensures you feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer life's challenges. Experience the difference with our expert therapists, and take the first step towards a pain-free, revitalised you.

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Personal Health and Fitness Coaching

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with our personalised personal training sessions to elevate your well-being to new heights.

Our approach to personal training goes beyond conventional workouts; it's a tailored and effective solution for individuals striving for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Our certified trainers focus on understanding your unique fitness goals and crafting a specialised workout plan to suit your needs.

From boosting strength and endurance to achieving weight loss milestones, our training sessions provide the guidance and motivation essential for sustainable success.

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Our PROVEN System Will Help You Thrive

You don't need anything to get started. Bring yourself as you are, leave a revitalized you.

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Discover The Location and Reason For Your Pain Or Injury

Have you been looking for a Physiotherapy Clinic* in Liverpool? Our experienced and skilled clinicians will identify the root cause of your injury & pain and formulate a plan with you to achieve your goals.

Injury Assessement, Liverpool Physio, City Rehab, Physio Near Me

Release Our Industry Leading Session and Program Structure To Rebuild Your Body and Banish Your Pain

Our industry-leading session and program structure, which includes hands-on treatments and expert exercise instruction, will leave you feeling pain-free in weeks.

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Unshackle Yourself From Limitations and Start Dominating Your Sports

Never worry about re-injury when you go back to your favourite activities. You will return with a new found feat of strength and resilience and smash.

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Meet Callum

Callum founded CJ Performance Healthcare as a new type of injury clinic. Callum is an experienced Sports Therapist with an MSc in Sports Medicine. He realised that his patients and clients implemented healthier, longer-lasting changes when they were having fun and had accountability. You progress quicker when it doesn't feel mundane. CJ Performance Healthcare combines hands-on treatments with exciting exercises and entertainment to keep you constantly moving towards the results you crave.  

Callum and the rest of the team follows the 20/80 rule. Sessions should consist of 20% hands-on treatment and 80% exercise and education guidance to completely change your trajectory from where you are now. Small movements have massive results. Squat deeper and run further. You'll end up at a new destination faster and more robust.  

Make the CJ Performance Healthcare shift and show up. Your life will never be the same.