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Meet Callum.

Callum founded CJ Performance Healthcare as a new type of injury clinic. Callum is an experienced Sports Therapist with an MSc in Sports Medicine. He realised that his patients and clients implemented healthier, longer-lasting changes when they were having fun and had accountability. You progress quicker when it doesn't feel mundane. CJ Performance Healthcare combines hands-on treatments with exciting exercises and entertainment to keep you constantly moving towards the results you crave.  

Callum and the rest of the team follows the 20/80 rule. Sessions should consist of 20% hands-on treatment and 80% exercise and education guidance to completely change your trajectory from where you are now. Small movements have massive results. Squat deeper and run further. You'll end up at a new destination faster and more robust.  

Make the CJ Performance Healthcare shift and show up. Your life will never be the same.

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...And the rest of the team!

Modern PT is a privately owned and operated outpatient clinic dedicated to reducing and eliminating patients' pain. Our goal is to make ourselves obsolete. We provide you with a tailored PT strategy to get you back in the game, so you won't need us anymore. But we also work to create a fun space with unique full-body treatments so you'll want to keep coming back to continuously enhance your structure and movement.  

Meet the Modern PT experts below!

Sports Massage, sports massage liverpool


Sports Massage Therapist & Student Physiotherapist

Amelia began working with us in 2023 and has been very popular with our regular sports massage clients!

She is a competing power lifter alongside her studies as a student Physiotherapist.

Sports Massage, sports massage liverpool


Sports Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor

Kate has a wealth of experience in health and fitness. Kate has been working with us doing massages since 2023.

She also teaches many pilates classes around Liverpool (and hopefully our own one day!)

Back Pain, Sciatica, Back Pain Treatments


Sports Therapist

Josef is a newly graduated sports therapist who has a bright future ahead of him in the industry.

In his short time being qualified he has helped countless people overcome their injuries and get them performing their best!

Looking For Physio* In Liverpool?

Many of our clients who have previously sought physiotherapy have had beneficial, long-term results.

This arises from a common approach that primarily addresses symptoms rather than delving into the underlying causes.

Many of our clients have been told that their problems are due to "weak or stiff muscles" or "certain muscles not firing", and we provide poor hands-on treatment options and ineffective, under-dosed exercises that, no matter how compliant you are to do, you get no significant change.

The short time and hurried pace of initial assessments that many of our clients have told us they received from many Liverpool physiotherapists most likely contribute to missed opportunities for a comprehensive understanding of their problem and tailored treatment.

If your goal is lasting relief from pain, or to get back to performing your best that an injury is keeping you from, look no further.

Check out our proven results and transformative approach below

Our Clinic

Our space is designed for two things: relaxation and fun. As well as having a beautifully designed and welcoming clinic room, we are able to make use of a fully kitted-out gym for rehabilitation work. But it's not only hard work. Our clinicians are conversational, intelligent and easy to get along with. You'll feel relaxed and in good hands. The CJ Performance Healthcare clinic makes feel at ease and ready for work.

3 Wellington Road

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L15 4JN

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